Lee Samcrow

Midlands Music

Hi, guys Sam Crow here. I have always wanted to be a radio presenter since the age of 12 when I wrote an essay at school on what do you want to be when you grow older, due to my love of music from an early age. We had the obligatory record player with tape deck when I was growing up and I loved playing records. The name Sam Crow comes from my love of Son's of Anarchy and when I started DJ'ing vinyl a guy I used to work with called me DJ Samcrow which has stuck with me now.

Why I chose Cannock Chase Radio FM, I used to listen in on a Tuesday night to L-Tone back in the day and used to send him some very eccentric rock tracks to play. As I knew L-Tone and also Geoff Anderson (a very dear friend of many years) when I was made redundant from a role I was doing I emailed the radio station to see if they needed a tea-boy to make drinks for the presenters. I was then pushed into the training room, making a 30-year-old dream a reality.

The most rewarding part about being a presenter is listening to new music and bands as well as interacting digitally with our core listeners.

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